How Our Clients Get Expert Tips Picking The Ultimate Kitchen

We caught up Steve from CabinetCraft and asked him what to consider when deciding on the ultimate kitchen to suit your lifestyle and new home.

Where do you start when planning your kitchen?

Building a new home, or even planning a renovation, can be an exciting time and also a little bit scary, as you have all these ideas floating around in your head as what you would like in your new home. One of the rooms that you will have a wish list for is the kitchen area and maybe even the laundry room. Today the kitchen is not only a place where you prepare the meals it also has become a social hub within the house with open plan living. Long gone are the days when the kitchen was tucked in the back corner of the house and everyone was up in the front room.

A good place to start is jot down a list of what you may like in your kitchen and do a plan/drawing of what cabinets you want where. Try and lay out your kitchen in a working triangle if you can – this can be a little more difficult if you have a galley type kitchen. Once you have a general idea of what your requirements are the team at CabinetCraft will sit down with you and between us we’ll design your new kitchen using our 3D design software and show you what your kitchen will look like.

How does CabinetCraft work in with Paul Reed Homes?

The team at CabinetCraft consider ourselves to be part of Paul Reed Homes’ team and have developed a close working relationship with them over the years. Paul, will make contact with us and forward your details so that we can make arrangements to meet with you and help you with the process of designing your new kitchen. You may already have a design by a kitchen designer – which is great! We are able to show you all the latest colours and products available to help you with your choice and fit within your budget.
Once we have a concept, the team at CabinetCraft will contact Paul Reed Homes and submit the details of what has been discussed. Once confirmation has been made CabinetCraft will look after the process of manufacture and installation of your new kitchen and any other joinery requirements – like laundry, wardrobes etc.

A great TIP for someone starting a new build or renovation is…

A kitchen has to be practical and work for you. Magazines are good to look at for some ideas and have designs with lots of kitchen gadgets – but be mindful these can take up a lot of cabinet space. Use drawers where possible, as it saves having to bend down into the back of cupboards to get at an item.

All the best with your kitchen planning!
The Team @ Cabinet Craft

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